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Don Bonnenfant
We were a provider of quality computer systems & designs for over 25 years. We offered solutions for small, medium to large size companies including software and hardware solutions like ERP and Shopping cart systems. We would supply software, hardware and computer equipment to help with all your needs from quality manufactures. As we were an independent operation, we offered an affordable and completely scalable solution to management and individuals because we were not tied to 1 supplier. DKL Consulting is a Canadian family-owned company based in Sidney, British Columbia. We have been in the Computer Consulting & Design business for over 25 years now doing small to large scale projects and we would be more than happy to help you out with your special project... Experience - We have been providing technology based products, services and systems since 1995 with the introduction of computer training courses. Integrated Product Sets - We are able to offer products that are designed to work together, so that integration is smooth and simply. Best Value - Our product offering provides a scalable solution that is both intuitive and flexible, which represents best value for money. Consulting Services / The Cloud - We can offer you a wide range of service from quality Systems Integration consultants, Website Design specialist, Computer Systems gurus, Security Systems consultants, Presentation & Branding Products and The Cloud. We believe in "One stop Shopping," we have done or will do the leg work on your behalf.